Refunds & Disbursements

When will I receive my refund/reimbursement?

All refunds are processed by the Business Office. Students that are eligible for Financial Aid will receive their FIRST refund within any given semester approximately 48 days after the semester begins. Any additional refunds that are due to you, the student, within that given semester will be processed every 14 days. Refunds are paid after your student account charges (tuition, fees, bookstore purchases, etc.) have been paid in full.  You will receive any financial aid remaining on your account in a refund by way of Direct Deposit or by a paper check being mailed to your home address on file with the Admissions office. Your student refund will be processed according to how you set up your student account.

The Financial Aid Office does not process refunds so we cannot tell you the amount of your refund or when it will be processed. If you have additional questions about your refund, please check your financial aid informaton online using your student Banner Web account or you may stop by the Business Office cashier window or call the Business office at 770-228-7275 (Griffin) or 706-646-6239 (Thomaston).


Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC) has made the decision to Go Green. In our effort to reduce significantly or possibly eliminate the use of paper checks, SCTC will utilize an electronic method of issuing student refunds by Direct Deposit; however, if a student chooses not to participate in Direct Depost, a paper check will be processed on their behalf.  Here are your two Refund options:


  • Direct Deposit - Students will receive their refunds by direct deposit to their personal bank account (checking or savings) specified by the student. Students now have the ability to set up their Direct Deposit information on line themselves for CHECKING accounts only by clicking HERE for the instructions or they can complete a paper Direct Deposit form and attach a preprinted personal check (No starter checks will be accepted) OR preprinted SAVINGS banking information to the back of the form and submit it to Business office cashier window. The Direct Deposit forms are located at the Business office cashier window or click HERE to download the form.
  • There's no set deadline for submitting Direct Deposit information to the Business office for new or returning students; however, please note that it takes approximately two weeks to verify a student's banking information with your banking institution. Once you've set up your CHECKING information on line, the status will show "prenote" until your banking information has been verified by your banking institution. Once the banking institution has verifiied the student's information, the account status will be changed to "ACTIVE" by the Business office. Once the status has been changed to ACTIVE, all student refunds will be sent to the student's personal bank account.
  • Students' Direct Deposit information will remain ACTIVE with the college until the student completes and submits a Direct Deposit Removal request form to the Business office or updates their student banking information on line themselves. Each time a student changes their banking information, please note that the two week verification process starts over.

SUNTRUST VISA PREPAID DEBIT CARD (As of December 31, 2014, all Technical Colleges, including Southern Crescent, no longer uses the SunTrust student prepaid debit card)

Option #2 - PAPER CHECK

  •  PAPER CHECKS - Students that choose not to set up Direct Deposit for their financial aid refunds will receive their refunds in the form of a paper check being mailed to the student's home address that is on file with the Admissions office.  Please be sure to keep your home address, telephone number, and your student SCTC email account active and up to date as these are the modes of communication the college will use in an effort to make contact with the student, if needed.



(Any subsequent refunds due to you, the student, within that semester will be processed every 14 days)




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