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Research Guides

These guides are divided by program or subject area, and they will help you begin your research.  Each guide lists the following subject specific information:

  • books, ebooks and videos
  • credible websites
  • scholarly databases
  • career information
  • writing and citing help
  • how to contact the libraries for more help

Citing Your Resources

Citing the resources that you use for your papers and projects is an important part of the writing process.  Citing allows you to provide evidence that supports your ideas, gives credibility to your work and helps you avoid plagerism.  For help in learning to cite your resources, use the guides that we have provided on this page.

Guide to Comparing Scholarly and Popular Sources

There are many different types of information that you can find in the GALILEO databases.  Two of the most common types that you will work with are scholarly and popular articles.  The guide on this page will help you deterine the difference between the two and will help you begin the search process.

How to Evaluate Websites

Many instructors are hesistant to allow their students to use websites as sources for their research, because there are so many unreliable websites online. Determining a website's crdibility can be difficult, but following the steps on this page, can help you make good decisions about what sites you should and should not cite in your work.

Library Tutorials

These tutorials cover the topics: writing, citing and research.  They provide an introduction to the basics of writing an effective research paper.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Writing an annoated bibliography is a great way to begin your research, because it makes you analyze the credibility and usefulness of your sources.  The guide here has been pulled together from three excellent webpages, and it will help you begin the process of writing an annotated bibliography.

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