Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log on to Angel to start my class?

ANGEL login video instructions

You will be able to log into your course on the first day of class (not sooner). You will use 31_900xxxxx ID number (see Angel page under Getting Started).

Click here for first time Angel logon instructions

Angel Logon Instruction "Getting Started"

Computer Needs

What are online classes?

How do I take an online class?

What skills should I possess to take online classes?

What can I do if I can't get the classes I need?

Access Keys for Books

Student Computer Labs

What are the requirements for my online class?

How can I purchase the necessary software at a reduced rate?


How do I pay for my classes online?

How can I get assistance with Math and Writing?

You can use Smarthinking at for assistance with math and English. New!  SCTC has partnered with Smarthinking to offer free online tutoring to SCTC students. Your account number is your 900 student number. Your password is your birthday; 1 or 2 digits for the month, 2 digits for the day, and 2 digits for the year. (Ex. 50478 or 122669).  Tutoring labs are available for Math and English. You can coordinate with the the tutoring lab at 770-229-3078 or

Can I logon to my ANGEL classes before the semester starts?


How can I tell what classes I am responsible for this semester?

The only classes you are registered and responsible for each semester are the classes contained on your Banner Detailed Class Schedule for the current semester. If you are seeing a course on your ANGEL home page from an earlier session and if the class is not in your Banner Detailed Class Schedule for the current semester, it means the class has not been turned off for students. If this is the case, contact


Why do I still see a class on ANGEL I dropped?

If you see a class on your ANGEL home page that you have dropped, and you have checked your Banner Detailed Class Schedule and the class is not on the schedule, it means the class instructor has not disabled you from the class. If the class stays on your ANGEL home page for more than 10 days, contact the instructor and ask them to disable you from the course.


My ANGEL home page does not show the same courses as my Banner schedule?

If in the first few hours after the current semester begins your ANGEL home page may not correctly correlate to your Banner Detailed Class Schedule. it may be due to the class instructor taking the class offline to tweek and update course material, or it may mean your student registration has not been uploaded yet (transferred from Banner to ANGEL).  If you are registered in Banner for a class and you see the class in your Banner Detailed Class Schedule then you are in that class. During the early part of the semester during drop and add your instructor will receive an updated list of all students registered in their class. They will make adjustments to the class roster as the updates appear. Be patient and stay in touch with your instructor.



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